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Company name: AVANCE CO., LTD

Address: Hollywood Beauty Plaza 4F 6-4-1 Roppongi Minato-Ku, Tokyo 〒106−0032 Japan
CEO: Shoji Yagi
TEL:03-3403-3817 FAX:03-3475-2701 (weekday / 9:00~17:00、weekend & holidays OFF)


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About our copywriting

Every single information on the website including, word, picture, etc… is our possession. Our website itself is also ours. Therefore, these have a copywriting. JASRAC, and an international treaty protect our copywriting. Contact us if you copy our product to sell. Also you cannot change all of or part of contents of our website without our permission.

About Link

Feel free to post our website link, if you use ours without profit. If you want to post our website link for your profit, let us know before.
However, we prohibit that you post our link for those reasons.

-Abusing or slandering our brand.
-Losing our trust or reputation.
-Linking to website which relate to illegal contents or activities or possibly.
-Not Identifying our website with method, such as framing.
-Conducting against public order and morals.

Rule to post our link

You can post only our top page. If you want to post other our file or our webpage, Email us! At that time, you need to write these 2 things.
-Which our URL you want to post
-What website you want post our link to.