We have been producing the make-up cosmetics product
focusing on EYE zone since we were founded.
We are the pioneers to create the eyelash serum
and we were the first company to sell the eyelash serums in the world in 1997.
The product was on Newspaper and magazines,
and it was getting popular product.
After the hit seller, we produced eyeliner, mascara,
and eyebrow which have the serums.
We created those produce under this concept,
”Care the eye zone with making-up.”
We, AVANCE, create a high quality and sensitive cosmetics
as a specialist of eye zone.

First sales of Mascara in Japan

Our root was related to Hollywood Group which was founded in 1925.
We learned the skill of make-up in Hollywood, USA, and brought back to Japan.
As a result, we could contribute to develop the beauty culture in Japan. In 1937, it was the first time to sell mascara in Japan.
It was cost 200yen, which was too much expensive, so that mascara was a product for high class people at that time.
Historical background and developed skill of Hollywood Group was influence our products and that is our root.